I've had my work permit for over 5 years and it is absolutely necessary to control your "business".  However, it is a big hassle and gets expensive. One mistake and you have to start all over again.
A. To have a work permit requires:
1/. - A company which has its tax paid and at least 2 million haht in registered capital at beginning.  

2/. - 7 ea Thai employees with Tax Paid Receipts monthly (this can be zero money by only paying 2900 baht per month then tax is 0) - used by lawyers and often they don't file but if investigated, you can get disqualified if you don't have tax filing receipts - every month.

3/. - Revenue and Tax paid as per the Annual Report (which costs about 60,000 baht per year with my accountant costs). 

4/. - you must receive a salary and pay tax on at least 40,000 baht per month (so that costs about 4 - 5000 baht per month to keep up.) Company loses are ok (can do for about 3 years although I've done for 6. You must add paid up capital to the company ( I started with 2 million and right now it is registered with 8 million baht).

 A Lawyer can charge about 25,000 baht per year to do it but then you never know whether you really have control.  My lawyer,  I use a one year multiple entry Non-Imm B and must go out every 3 months.  To renew my work permit every three months costs 500 baht.

B) SOLUTION - have a good Thai partner, lawyer and accountant but if you don't want to process yourself then ask each stage for the cost of a lawyer then ask us. The normal cost for a work permit is 12-15,000 baht but this may increase when the lawyer's fees are taken into account.

We have pleasure in announcing our law service & now able to offer clients and all expats & newly arrivals this  "foreign law service". Yes we offer foreigners and expats that little bit extra. Consultations that will make you feel comfortable with. All our fees are very competitive, with no hidden costs and we can now offer you ongoing services with a smile. 


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