The legal age is 17 years for a Thai to marry with parental consent & 20 yrs without. The marriage can be registered at the District Office or any Thai Embassy abroad.Marrying a foreigner is legal & under Section 1459 of the Civil & Commercial Code. One cannot marry a brother or sister; or any blood relation; or has adopted; or with spouse of another living person; with widow or divorced person within 310 days after terminating the previous marriage, remmarrying a former spouse unless a court order allows. 



There are 2 categories:

1/. Where property is separate and acquired before marriage eg. land, jewelry etc or by inheritanceor items received as a dowry.

2/. Communal: will or gifted property owned jointly.

If a foreigner marries a Thai and buys land this can be separate but the foreigner must confirm in writing that the Thai spouse has used her own money for the purchase.


1/. Can own 1 Rai or 1/5 of an acre if they meet the following

a). Invest 40 m baht for min 5 years.

b). Investment must be beneficial & listed with Ministry of Interior.

c). Land is used for residential purposes.

d). Land dept notified within 60 days when using the land.


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