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Welcome to the Chiangmai Trader News the Classified Advertising News Media News in Thailand's 2nd largest City bringing to you top stories, handy hints, items for sale, buy, exchange & rent, jobs for foreigners and Thais, Travel & Education plus other numerous topics including our special Trading Post Section. All non commercial advertising is FREE up to 25 words. Sections include eg. Job vacancies or wanted to buy, sell or swap. Email your ad to us up to 25 words & we will insert your free advertisement for you. Non commercial ads only [ Post ads for FREE ].

 We provide our readers with up to date information on Travel, Education, Advice, Interesting articles, from trading, exporting & Classifieds Advertising to what's happening in Chiangmai, Thailand, Laos, Burma & Southwest China. Just email to us if you want up to date information & news about visas, law changes, leasing or renting etc as they change often. We assist the ex pat and working people of Thailand with this new exciting monthly that now is distributed in Kunming, Laos, & outlets in Thailand.


The ChiangMai Trader News had its beginnings in March 1999 to provide readers with Classified advertising & alternate stories published in English and some Thai language. Most of all it was designed as a Trade News offering FREE ads for anything thats classified ie. cars, motorcycles, houses, jobs, computer ware to aircraft sales. It has fast become the largest Classified advertising newsletter/paper benefiting both tourists, Thais & expats living & or working in ChiangMai. We proud ourselves on offering a service that was missing in ChiangMai with sections from buying, selling, to renting houses, property, job vacancies, business opportunities to selling cars, bikes to planes & anything one wants to Trade. From Law help to exporting to immigration assistance to web pages to Travel we have it all. Within 12 months this 8 page newspaper has now  increased by triple the amount of pages & offers what no other publication does- Classifieds in Thai/ & English languages & as the months go by we are increasing pages and circulation all the time. For Importers & Exporters advertise in our World Wide Trading Post you can now post your FREE advertisement by sending an email to us: up to 70 words, return email address, fax, product name & URL & we will submit your ad for FREE to the Asia Trading Post. This section is becoming popular. The ChiangMai Trader News is owned by Asia Trading Post Co.Ltd  


Our publication is distributed to the following cities and countries. Thailand: Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiangmai, Mae Sai, ChiangRai, Koh Chang Laos: Vientiane, NZ: schools that advertise and we promote. We also aim to have our papers in Cambodia, Malaysia & Vietnam shortly. 

The [ Bangkok Trader News ] will be concentrated around the Silom, Sukhumvit and Panthip Plaza areas of Bangkok and all foreign business outlets. This Monthly Trader news is running fast & will be published eventually twice a month. Non business ads are FREE. Remember all business ads are paid ads but we have specials should you wish to advertise in our North & South Trader News publications. CLICK ON & POST YOUR FREE CLASSIFIED AD


We OFFER law services from forming companies to civil law cases to conveyancy. We have our own  lawyer to assist foreigners living in Thailand. All work is overseen by our  foreign advisers. Profits benefit the underprivileged Thai minorities & Bearhugs Animal sanctuary [ Bearhugs ]  Chiangmai & we assist community projects.

FREE Law help: Ask us about from forming Companies, partnerships, marriages, accounting, tax work,  work permits, good honest lawyers, leases, rent agreements, buying & selling to litigation. Our advice is FREE, confidential & available to all foreigners:

FREE Real Estate. Yes we even can direct you to good Real Estate companies in Thailand & legal help in most Centres. Try ASIA REAL ESTATE.  


If you want to contact us about anything in Bangkok & Chiangmai, the North of Thailand including bordering countries or about any of our services please feel free to ask us. Our classified advertising is Free for non business advertisers. The Trader is published every month & deadline for ads is 6th of every month-- for distribution on the 15th.


Yes! we send to you every month anywhere in the world. If in Thailand: 1 issue every month with min 6 months = 400 baht; 1year 600 baht. Europe & USA : 6 months 1200 baht & 1 year=2200 baht. Australia /NZ & Pacific=6months 1000 baht & 1 year 2000 baht.


Setting up in Chiangmai & Thailand
Travel guide to Living & Working or tours in Chiangmai
Business in Thailand & Chiangmai-- Things you need to know. Read it all in the Traders.


HINTS on living in Chiangmai 
If you want to come to Thailand to live, Chiangmai has a very cool season, has no floods or disasters yet has all the amenities without being congested. You can rent properties for around 4,000- 35,000 plus depending on what you want  & a small condo room goes for 2,500 -5000 baht with separate bathroom. You need to post normally 2-3 months deposit plus a phone deposit which can be from 5000 baht to 10,000 for a house & make sure you have a proper lease. If in doubt there are monthly magazines that have advertising & we can assist you with FREE advice & lease forms. We are compiling a Dos and Dont's Book for would be travellers or retirees wishing to live in Chiangmai. If you have a question please ask us & if you need forms we have them. Got to [ Properties ] [ Houses

Well, you can buy most things in ChiangMai as they have 4 large superstores: Carrefoure (French); Macro (Thai), Lotus (British) & Auchan which all have a large variety of goods & food -bulk products. There's also supermarkets like Rimping, Tops in the Airport Plaza & Central department store & what you can't find here you buy at the many markets all over town. Just bring your favorite foods but forget the clothing as that is cheap here.

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FREE HANDY HINTS ON LIVING IN THAILAND: Ask us a question and we will answer you. 

FREE FORMS: When you lease or buy a business or want a bill of sale, contract,  or even a form for a simple change of car ownership ask us. We can help you.

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