It is getting harder to obtain a Visa for the USA but here is a few tips to help those who are thinking of applying. If in doubt ask us to represent you as we now assist foreigners with this service. 

    Theres new regulations for obtaining visas for friends & girlfriends. Chiangmai is difficult as many Thai citizens are being rejected.
Umm, of course she also submitted my character endorsement of her in my capacity as a former elected official and police officer. The moral I suppose is that you can lean on the US immigration folks to some degree but we would think you may need to have a reference from an American in high places similar to Thailand. The old story it's not what you know its who you know but at the same time we are not saying this will work for everyone. Remember to have bank accounts & good character references and if you have children then birth certificates and reasons why you must return to Thailand.

In Bangkok, they  take 6 weeks to process a request, requiring 2 trips to the embassy to complete the process, plus fingerprinting, plus a non-refundable $100 application fee whether they grant a visa or not. Now you, with your completely warped "logic", might think that this betrays an eagerness to welcome tourists to the US but not too many others would agree. Most tourists, faced with such an expensive and insulting procedure, will choose to spend their money somewhere else. US Embassy are given a ridiculous task, however. By regulation they must assume that the tourist applicant intends to stay in America after their visa expires, unless they see evidence to the contrary. If you are serious, go to misc. immigration, usa group and ask there. If you can prove a serious relationship, she can get fiancee visa called k-1, which is 3 months. Tourist visa/ Visit visa (I think B-2) is 6 months and also you can renew it inside US for another 6 months by contacting local immigration office. Go to online to read at BTW, INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) doesn't exist anymore; it's called United State Citizenship and Immigration Service or ask us to accompany you.

One of our readers an ex US Police Officer made a record now of seven Thai women who have obtained US visas.Perhaps the following might assist those wanting to travel to the USA but we make no claims that this will work for all today. Due to the inability of authorities to find absconders once they are in the USA this and the new matrimonial law has somewhat made this situation harder. What might work for one may not necessarily work for another :

1/. The more fluent in English the girl is, the better.
2/. The more direct and concise her answers to the various question are.
Vague, I want to be with _____ or I want to see the US will NOT suffice.
3/. She will have an interview. Dressing as anything but the utmost proper will not fly. The best attire is a full business suit with matching extremely modest skirt and hose. Sensible shoes.
4/. Documentation of interests: "While in the United States I would very much like to see the following... (include if at all possible information pamphlets of respected institutions such as the Smithsonian). 
5/. Display as clearly and visibly as possible an interest in cultures and history.
Give a solid indication of a desire to continue life and career here in Thailand. As an example, the trip to the US is in part related to furthering her education in Thailand or improving her career prospects. 
6/. Submit character references.
7/. If in doubt, to any degree of questions to be answered in writing, the farang should ask. Some forms and details can be quite tricky. If in doubt at the interview, ALWAYS have the girl reply, "I do not understand the question" or "Could you please rephrase the question?". 
8/. PRIM AND PROPER is the byword. NEVER hold hands or similar. Always act like a pair of business people pursuing a matter of fact clerical obligation.
9/. NEVER get emotional in any shape or form, written or verbal. If things appear to be going wrong, always ask for more detailed information or instructions. Never make assumptions. 
10/. Avoid if at all possible any mention of a personal relationship. Practice sidestepping questions like: Do you two intend to get married? with "We would have to give that some serious thought. We do have our careers to think of."

If in doubt then let us assist you. 


The other way of applying is for a FIANCEE VISA whereby the applicant can apply for a 90 days visa if they are going to marry an American. They can apply if they have been refused a Tourist visa and the necessary forms are available from any consulate. Should they not marry after 90 days then the applicant must leave the USA and any further applications by that same person may be deemed finished. We can guide you thru the process Go to [ Fiancee visa ]

We can help you secure a finance Visa in Bangkok with our Office there.

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