1/. Aliens wanting to stay no less than 3 years on a non immigrant visa

2/. Aliens applying for an immigrant visa from abroad at a Thai Embassy.

[ A ] Applying for a visa for BUSINESS PURPOSES:

1/. Photocopy of your passport.

2/. 12 photos (2 1/2" sq)

3/. Fee of 2000 baht.

4/. Work permit.

5/. Letter confirming from company showing alien's work position, duties, salary terms & list of employees

6/. Chart showing duties, position with number of employees & type of business.

7/. Prospectus & regulations, registration of company or partnership, trading licences, lists of shareholders & registered capital.

8/. Statement of accounts & tax (Form 1) for the preceeding 3 years.

9/. Evidence showing not less than 100,000 baht in a Thai bank.

10/. Letter from your embassy that you have no criminal record.

11/. Employment evidence or Letter of Credentials from head office abroad (if a branch office).

12/. Education qualifications & work experience.

13/. Medical Cert from a government hospital.

The application must be made in person.

For Investment Status

The Evidence To Be Submitted is the same as above but you need an Inward Remittance of Money for Investment Into The Kingdom Of Thailand

In The Event Of Expert Or Advisor Documents you need:  The Same As In Item A with additional evidence showing qualifications which are Certified by the Specific Professional Institute, Thai Embassy, Consular Office or a NotaryPublic.

In The Event Of Missionary Or Evangelist Documents you need:

1/. Medical Certificate From A Government Hospital

2/. A Work Permit 

3/.  Qualifications

4/. Evidence Of Experience Or Working As Missionary For Not Less Than Five Years

5/. Letter Of Confirmation From The Mission Of The Applicant In Thailand

6/. Letter Of Confirmation From The Embassy Of His Nationality

7/. Letter Of Confirmation From The Department Of Religious Affairs

8/. Certified Evidence Or Criminal Records Clearance Acceptable By The Commission


Permanent Residency Visa Office of Immigration- Bangkok

A/. Must be working and living for 1 year in Thailand

1/. Foreign Shareholder must be 10 m baht 

2/. Foreigner must be the Manager of the company & can sign cheques and stamp company name.

3/. Salary must be 50,000-80,000 baht

4/. Married to a Thai.

5/. If can do 1-4 above can lodge by the 20th December this year.

6/. If you cannot do 1-4 then you must finish by 16th December.Then you must wait a year and do next year.



1/. Immigration Office in Bangkok will send to the Government Office. If in Chiangmai then they send to Bangkok. Takes 60 days to process. You will be contacted if not right.

2/. After the government office approves the application they send to the minister of Immigration and once approved they notify you within 15 days. Can take a long time to get your answer.


1/. Application form is 2000 baht

2/. Once application is successful cost is 50,000 baht

3/. Processing the application until finish = 10,000 baht paid regardless of success or not. There can be changes with costs with 1 & 2. Cost will not exceed 1 & 2.

LONG STAY VISA FOR RETIREES: is 50 years outside Thailand

The Thai Government it seems wants to attract long stayers but you can only apply for the new retired visa outside the country. The age is 50 years and you cannot apply in Thailand although we have been told you can apply in Bangkok ONLY. . Thus they want: 1/. Retiress over 50 years of age; 2/. People with health conditions 3/. Students and trainees & 4/. Those attending sports training camps. 

RETIREES OVER 50: Can apply for an O-A visa in their own country at the Thai Embassy. You can stay for 1 year with reports filed every 90 days, after which you apply for an extension. You need 65,000 baht a month or 800,000 baht in cash in the bank here, no criminal record & free of infectious diseases & have a current medical certificate. Provision is also for spouses who don't qualify for this visa who may reside with their husbands with marriage certificate. A Residence Visa for Special Investment Purposes, if approved by the Minister of the Interior will allow senior citizens to live for an extended time if they invest in a condo or buy government funds.

See more on [ Residency Visas ]

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